Exclusive: ILOOK Launches, Turns YouTube Channels into Stand-alone Apps

By Adam Flomenbaum 

ILOOKTV-Block-Diagram9Peter Redford was involved in the development and commercialization of the graphical user interface, the computer sound card, and the LeapPad; now Redford is turning his attention to the second screen.

Redford is the CEO and co-founder of ILOOK, which is launching today as an over-the-top pay-TV platform that will convert YouTube channels into standalone mobile apps. This will give YouTube stars a bigger audience and another way to monetize their videos. Users log into their YouTube channels from ilook.tv and then ILOOK generates a mobile app and submits it to supported app stores as a standalone app. At launch, ILOOK will be available via Apple TV, Chromecast, and Xbox.

“Owners of long-tail YouTube channels are now able to attract attention and monetize like traditional TV networks, by co-locating on the same mobile screens with cable channel apps like CNN and MTV,” said Redford. “We’re deeply excited to launch and bring these capabilities into the entertainment market.”

The most intriguing aspect of ILOOK, as Redford alludes to, is the potential for advertisers and content creators alike trying to monetize – and reach audience of – long-tail video. Advertisers often pay higher rates to reach smaller audiences, and the niche channels that will be created via ILOOK will give advertisers a self-selecting group of consumers. For example, an entire app devoted to men’s shaving tips will be lucrative to advertisers like Gillette and Dollar Shave Club.

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