Everything Was Awesome: Top Social Moments from the Oscars

By Karen Fratti 

oprahlegoLike any awards show, there were some snooze-worthy moments last night during the Oscars. And there were some great ones: #EverythingIsAwesome, Common and John Legend‘s acceptance speech, and Meryl Streep reacting to Patricia Arquette to name a few of our personal picks.

Amobee Intelligence was running the data during the entire telecast. From the social mentions, Lady Gaga looking vanilla was the most interesting thing that happened last night. Social issues, like racial and gender equality, were also winners, though many brands missed out on real-time solidarity.

Another thing, the sentiment data can be a little murky. How can Patricia Arquette and Meryl Streep have had only 48% positive sentiment — or am I just not on misogynist Twitter? It’s entirely possible.

McDonald’s and Samsung ran spots that sparked social conversations, while Dove’s red-carpet Twitter campaign earned more recognition. As for live-tv moments, you can never plan for what’s going to make people pop. Lady Gaga as Julie Andrews topped social conversations, according to Amobee. Poor Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t as popular as Ellen DeGeneres the year before. For comparison’s sake, her selfie last year was retweeted 779,295 times in the first half hour of the show.

Top Brand Moments

  • Lego: 47,290 social mentions, mentions, 45% positive.
  • Dove: 29,250 social mentions, 91% positive. 
  • Coke: 12,600 social mentions, 28% positive
  • Samsung: 11, 502 social mentions, 23% positive
  • McDonalds6,075 social mentions, 17% positive

Top Celeb Social Moments

  • Lady Gaga: 577,143 social mentions, 38% positive
  • Patricia Arquette: 168,930 social mentions, 48% positive
  • Julie Andrews: 149,742 social mentions, 42% positive
  • Neil Patrick Harris: 114,921 social mentions, 34% positive
  • Meryl Streep: 89,712 social mentions, 28% positive
  • Reese Witherspoon: 74,781 social mentions, 38% positive
  • John Legend: 92,052 social mentions, 51% positive
  • Eddie Redmayne: 100,107 social mentions, 51% positive