Dove’s #SpeakBeautiful Campaign Sticks Post-Oscars

By Karen Fratti Comment

meryl jlo oscarsThis year’s Oscar’s broadcast featured a lot of ho-hum moments, but social issues made a bigger appearance than usual. Equal pay, veteran’s issues and suicide prevention, ALS, Alzheimer’s, and civil rights all had some traction as movements on Twitter thanks to marketing campaigns and the wins of films focusing on the respective issues.
Of all the issues, equal pay and women’s rights had the longest shelf life for a few reasons. First, Reese Witherspoon brought #AskHerMore to the red carpet. Dove chimed in with their #SpeakBeautiful campaign, and then Patricia Arquette spoke out during her speech about equal pay (and Meryl Streep gave us GIF-worthy reaction). We had the Amobee data team dig up some numbers on the shelf life of awareness. From the Oscars itself until March 3, there were:
  • 348,000 tweets around Patricia Arquette
  • 145,000 tweets around Meryl Streep
  • 87,500 tweets around the Dove women empowerment campaign #SpeakBeautiful
  • 58,600 tweets around the Reese Witherspoon affiliated #AskHerMore hashtag
On the day of the Oscars, women’s rights received the most traction, with 75% of the tweets around #AskHerMore occurring on the day of. For comparison’s sake, 44% of the tweets around Dove’s #SpeakBeautiful occurred on the day. Since it wasn’t specific, Dove successfully pushed the hashtag through the following week. There was also value to Arquette and Streep’s highjacking the ceremony for a cause. Forty nine percent of the tweets around Arquette occurred that night and 69% of Streep mentions were same day.
While organic moments seem to get people talking, it’s up to the brands to latch on to that conversation and keep it going, apparently. Mike Mansbach, CEO of Punchtab,consumer management platform, says that not enough brands take advantage of those moments:
For every Dove who does it well, and can scale a program like this, there are brands who, for a lot of reasons, who will de-commit or lose focus, leading to disappointment, distrust, and frustration.  Launching into a values-based approach signals a brand’s commitment to a long-term relationship, and if it’s cut short, all hell will break loose. While breathing humanity into brand campaigns can be be very powerful- so too is the responsibility of follow through when it comes to building valuable consumer relationships.
Or worse: You have to be careful, as a brand, about where you’re stepping so you don’t come across like a jerk. In addition to longevity, the television event, like the Oscars or Super Bowl, just raises overall awareness. Suicide prevention saw consumption jump 112%, whereas civil rights, without a big win for “Selma,” drops off quickly, as you can see in the charts below.
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