‘Crazy’ Reactions Peak on Twitter During ‘Jane the Virgin’ Season Finale

By Adam Flomenbaum Comment

The CW’s hit new show ‘Jane the Virgin’ completed its first season on Monday, rounding out Nielsen Social’s Top 5 for the night.

According to our analytics partners Canvs – the first completely syndicated qualitative social TV platform – 6,702 of the 17,364 tweets (Nielsen Social) about the show were emotional reactions. The show’s top moment came when Jane’s newborn baby was kidnapped from the hospital.

Below, additional analysis from Sheila Seles, Product Services and Marketing Lead at Canvs, followed by an infographic:

There’s never a dull moment in Jane the Virgin, and we’ve highlighted some of the season’s craziest plot points in the graphic below. We also took a quick look at the love triangle at the center of the show since Rafael and Michael, Jane’s two suitors, nearly came to blows in the finale. Here’s how fans reacted to each man over the 22 episode season.  Despite dumping Jane, Rafael managed to be loved in 50% of reactions to him and hated in only 16%. Jane’s former fiance Michael was slightly less loved than Rafael, coming it at 46%, and slightly morehated, 18%. Still, the two are very close in the eyes of fans. No doubt there will be plenty of drama next season.

JaneTheVirgin Canvs Graphic