‘Community’ Social Leader Holding Out ‘a Little Hope’ Cancelled Show Will Be Revived

By Jordan Chariton 

tumblr_static_community_s5_tu_200x200Social campaigns have kept NBC’s screwball comedy “Community” on-air in the past, but not this time. The Peacock Network has announced its 2014-2015 schedule and “Community” isn’t on it.

“It’s a huge bummer…I’m obviously really disappointed and sad, for all the fans and for the wonderful people that have worked so hard for the last five years making this show that we love,” Gillian Morshedi tells Lost Remote. In 2012, we spotlighted Morshedi as she spearheaded a social and event campaign to save “Community” from being cancelled called “CommuniCon.”

This time around, she isn’t personally leading any campaigns to get the now cancelled show revived, but she’s holding out hope for her beloved Greendale Community College to live on beyond its former NBC home.

“I still have a little hope that Sony can sell the show to another network or company, whether it’s Comedy Central or Netflix or Hulu or someplace else,” she tells us. “It really will be such a shame if this is truly the end.”

And some are taking to the Internet and social media to make sure it’s not the end.

Right before the cancellation was announced, @AltNation posted contact information for all of the networks the show could potentially get picked up by on Reddit, urging fans that they need to go beyond just tweeting cries for the show to live on.

And on social, the show’s cancellation has spurred a new hashtag: #NetflixSaveCommunity, where fans are encouraging the folks over at binge-watching central to pick up their show. Last year, Netflix revived another cancelled cult classic, “Arrested Development,” making its 15-episode Season 4 available all at once.

“Regardless of whether it comes back someplace else or Season 5 was it, I’m really grateful for what Dan Harmon and the cast and crew and writers have given us,” Morshedi added. “And I’ll be celebrating the show at CommuniCon 3 in Glendale in October with a few hundred other fans.”