Comedy Central’s Don Steele promoted to Senior Vice President of Fan Engagement/Multi-Platform Marketing

By Natan Edelsburg 

17d4700Comedy Central’s Don Steele has led social TV innovation at the network since 2006. We’ve now covered this innovation from Workaholics, to the Franco Roast and more. Steele, whose own use of social media is quite impressive, sat down with Lost Remote to discuss the network’s evolution as a fan focused brand.

Steele who was recently promoted to Senior Vice President of Fan Engagement/Multi-Platform Marketing, told Lost Remote that his team’s mission is all about, “giving fans comedy for their daily life” and that Comedy Central doesn’t just view itself as a TV network anymore. To make sure their mission was clear Steele and his team even removed the words “digital” and “social” from their job titles to reiterate the focus on fans.

Under Steele’s direct Comedy Central has launched some amazing fan projects recently. Here are just a few of them.

They partnered with the hilarious @PeytonsHead fake account to live tweet the Superbowl.

For South Park, one of the network’s longest running shows (and Steele’s favorite), they run “social re-airs” to get fans excited who are watching reruns as they air.

Broad City, their new show about 20 something girls in NYC did extremely well and was backed by an amazing social presence including an amazing Tumblr.

We’re excited to watch Steele and his team turn 140-characters into as equally valuable comedy as the longer-form content they air on linear.