CES: Looxcie 3 takes wearable tech into the ‘see’able future

By Natan Edelsburg 

looxcie-makes-hands-free-wearable-video-cameras“Invented by a parent who found himself fumbling with video cameras while trying to record children’s parties,” Looxcie brought to market the first hands-free live streaming mobile-connected video camera. Lost Remote even used a Looxcie to capture the MTV OMAs. In November, they announced their latest product, the Looxcie 3 – which is designed to be more social and easier to wear and will be shown off at CES next week. With the GoPro camera a full-blown sensation (revenue and social media wise) for extreme sports enthusiasts, Looxcie seeks to capture the mainstream market.

“While the market for wearable cameras has been proven by thrill seekers, Looxcie 3 invites anyone who doesn’t want to miss life’s spontaneous moments to wear and share in real time by offering a camera loaded with features and wearing options at an affordable price point of $99.99,” said Looxcie CEO Romulus Pereira. “Whether walking to school, flying down a roller coaster or catching a family member’s baseball game, it has never been easier to share video.”

Looxcie 3 Camera RedWhen paired with the Looxcie companion app via WiFi (3G or 4G capabilities are not yet available), Looxcie 3 owners can live stream video directly to friends, or to their Facebook walls via the Looxcie Facebook App.  The Looxcie companion app is available for download from the Google Play or iTunes App Store.

In July, we wrote about “What TV can learn from Running of the Bulls through Google Glass.” As wearable camera become less bulky and awkward, we should soon be seeing networks begin integrating the technology into broadcasts, with personalities sharing real-time updates – not through a filtered social medium – in the truest sense.