CES: Cisco and Innovid partner to bring real-time contextual advertising to the second screen

By Natan Edelsburg 

timthumbAt CES this year, two very different companies – Innovid and Cisco – will unveil a powerful solution for advertisers: second screen advertising based on relevant keywords spoken in television shows. Innovid, a company founded in 2007, has been providing video advertising solutions to markers through its own ad network. Cisco’s contribution to the partnership will be via Contexta, the company’s cloud-based system that analyzes television content in real-time and generates metadata based on the analysis.

Contexta has the ability to pull from various data sources in order to determine the context. This includes the time of the broadcast, the station, cable service provider information, and information pulled from the web. Once the context is determined, the Cisco/Innovid tool will deliver relevant  interactive ads to second screen devices via the Innovid ad serve


For example, if the Today Show is doing a segment about the best TVs, the system will recognize that the segment is about TVs and might serve an ad for Samsung.

“Cisco’s technology is a perfect match for Innovid’s vast library of interactive advertising campaigns, and we are thrilled to be delivering campaigns on this level of interaction,” said Tal Chalozin, CTO and co-founder, Innovid. “Real-time synchronized second screen advertising enables the TV to keep the general message, while the second screen can be personalized.”

If the platform is successful, it will be the perfect second screen corollary for Internet search marketing.