Canvs Infographic: How Twitter Reacted to the ‘Parks and Recreation’ Final Season Premiere

By Adam Flomenbaum 

The seventh and final season (until there is a fan protest, months of dithering, and then Yahoo! swoops in and offers a lot of money to everyone involved to make another season) of ‘Parks and Recreation’ kicked off this week and it took the top spot on Nielsen’s Twitter TV Ratings chart on Tuesday.

According to our analytics partners Canvs – the first completely syndicated qualitative social TV platform – 23,039 of 96,712 tweets about the show were emotional reactions. 34% of the emotional reactions included the word “love” and 13% included “hate.” The show drove the most emotional reactions when Ron and Leslie wrestled into Ben’s “Man of the Year” cake.

Below, additional analysis from Sheila Seles, Product Services and Marketing Lead at Canvs, followed by an infographic:

 Parks and Rec made a significant leap in time this year, so we decided to focus on how fans reacted to some of the more drastic changes that occurred off-screen:
  • We looked at every element of the show and found that Twitter users feel the most strongly about Ron and Leslie’s feud. In direct relation to their fight, Ron and Leslie garnered both the most hate reactions and the most crazy reactions of any characters.
  • While people hated Andy and April “becoming boring grownups,” they loved the couple in general. Of the 627 reactions about Andy, 51% expressed love. Similarly, 47% of the 642 reactions to April expressed love. Chris Pratt was the most beautiful as well.
  • Jerry/Garry/Larry/Terry received the highest share of funny reactions of any character. Though he was only reacted to 340 times, 60% of those reactions said he was funny.