How Twitter Reacted to ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Finale

By Karen Fratti Comment

Fans tuned into the season five finale of “Pretty Little Liars”anxiously awaiting for a mysterious villain to be revealed. According to our analytics partners Canvs — the first completely syndicated qualitative social TV platform — there were 369,290 emotional reactions our of 1,290,281 tweets.

Spoiler alert — there were a few big reveals. 41% of the reactions were shocked, using words like “crazy,” “omg,” “messed up,” and “wow” among others. Only 4% were a little spooked, using words like “afraid” or”creepy,” or the like. The range of words that fans use to tweet is a differentiating factor in Canvs’ software, so even “whaaaa” like in one of the tweets in the graphic below gets calculated and categorized.

Sheila Sales, Product Services and Marketing Lead at Canvs, says that:

The “Pretty Little Liars” Season 5 finale promised to finally reveal the identity of mysterious villain, A. When viewers merely learned that A was a masked figure who may go by the name “Charles,” Twitter exploded with disbelief and quite a bit of disappointment. We noticed that “Charles” was the top topic in the hate, upset, unsure, categories with 9,000 emotional Tweets expressing distress about the anti-reveal.

Here’s the graphic below: