‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ generates positive social buzz with cast appearance at TCA’s

By Natan Edelsburg 

The Television Critics Association (TCA) presentations began shortly after Comic-Con and is a major opportunity for networks to hype their upcoming programming. Last week, we looked at how the TCA’s helped build positive buzz for CBS’s “The Crazy Ones,” which premieres this fall and features Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar. In this week’s analysis with Crimson Hexagon, we look at how the TCA tour had a similar positive effect on Fox’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” a comedy series about detectives in Brookyln featuring Andy Samberg.

While enthusiasm for the show’s cast slowed down over the summer, an appearance at the TCA’s clearly helped in reversing this trend. It doesn’t take much besides putting Andy Samberg in front of a camera, and this summer, 31% of the total social conversation has been positive about the cast of the show – mainly about Samberg’s return to TV. Here’s Crimson Hexagon’s fulll analysis and an infographic.

  • This week, 89% of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” tweets came from users expressing excitement and intent to watch the new series. Overall, 97% of the total conversation was positive. 
  • Enthusiasm for the cast of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” had gradually diminished over the course of the summer; however, it was briefly rejuvenated in the days following the actors’ appearance at the TCA press tour.
  • “The Tomorrow People” saw an increase in volume as Twitter users responded to the news that “Veronica Mars” star Jason Dohrig would have a guest role on the show.
  • Discussion of “The Crazy Ones” also picked up this week. Around 33% of the conversation was enthusiasm for the cast and another 28% about promos and ads.
  • After the previous week’s TCA excitement died down, several shows, including “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” and “Sleepy Hollow”, saw a decrease in social conversation.
  • There was a small spike in discussion about “The Blacklist” after an exclusive first look at the show was released.