BrightLine Partners With Millward Brown Digital on Connected TV Advertising Solution

By Adam Flomenbaum 

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 5.06.30 PMBrightLine, a leading connected TV advertising company, just announced a partnership with Millward Brown Digital, a leading advertising effectiveness research company. BrightLine’s UXTV product currently allows connected TV advertisers to integrate their Facebook or Twitter feeds directly into ads, and measure metrics like brand affinity and purchase intent. Now, BrightLine clients will have access to Millward Brown Digital’s AdIndex, allowing them to more accurately validate the impact of ads.

“With the ‘appification’ of television now clearly underway, BrightLine’s innovative ad products paired with our ad effectiveness insights are key to unlocking the space’s monetization potential for publishers,” said Michelle Eule, SVP, Ad Effectiveness Solutions from Millward Brown Digital.

Advertisers have been continuously demanding ‘web-level’ metrics for TV and cross-platform campaigns, and analytics and research companies are scrambling to offer an honest solution. Last August we wrote about a Nielsen study that found a causal relationship between Twitter usage and linear TV ratings, and in March we wrote about comScore’s “Project Blueprint” –  the company’s first cross-media measurement initiative to measure five screens.

UXTV already provides engagement-level data, but the partnership with Millward Brown Digital will allow BrightLine clients to see actual pre and post-campaign consumer behavior and perception data.  This will more accurately paint for advertisers a holistic picture of connected TV advertising. Quantitatively it will provide marketers with stats like brand impressions, while qualitatively it will measure the actual impact the experience has on the consumer.

More than three out of every five U.S. households with broadband access have connected TVs and advertisers will continue to look for ways to both engage these audiences and accurately measure the impact. The BrightLine and Millward Brown Digital partnership is a big step towards a meaningful solution in the still-nascent connected TV advertising landscape.