Best (and worst) Super Bowl social media moments

By Cory Bergman Comment

More people than ever watched the Super Bowl with an eye on their Twitter stream, making this the most social of all Super Sundays to date. From the commercials to the halftime show, here are some of the best (and worst) social moments of the Super Bowl:

  • Christine Aguilera started it off by skipping over a few words of the National Anthem, becoming a trending topic in no time. Not a bad way to warm up Twitter for the big event. Perez Hilton has the video.
  • Groupon launched its first national TV campaign, and not everyone is happy about it. Off all the commercials measured on BrandBowl — which tracks Twitter sentiment — Groupon is the most negative of them all. The three spots jokingly imply that saving money is more important than saving the rainforest or helping Tibet. Of course, Groupon cares about these good causes — you can donate on a Groupon page here — but it seems the joke isn’t resonating. But hey, people are talking about it.
  • The top Super Bowl commercial brand on BrandBowl, by the way, is Doritos, followed by Volkswagen. Over on Hulu, where you can watch and vote on all the ads, the Volkswagen “The Force” commercial leads the voting. (It also happens to be my favorite.) Here’s our story from earlier today on the viral brilliance of that spot.

  • The halftime show had more Twitter one-liners than we’ve ever seen during a live event. At least in our Twitter stream, most of the reviews of Black Eyed Peas’ performance were less than gleaming. Meanwhile, lead singer (@iamwill) saved his criticism for AT&T when he was unable, as promised, to send a tweet from the stage. “At&t??? Wow…no service during halftime…unbelievable,” he wrote. He also didn’t hit his goal of 1 million followers by halftime.
  • Foursquare launched its first global venue, allowing anyone to check into the Super Bowl. That is, if you could get Foursquare to work. With people all over the place trying to check into the same venue at the same time, Foursquare suffered a series of server errors — we were finally able to check in during the second half. By the end of the game, Foursquare had tallied up 187,281 Super Bowl checkins.
  • Of the commercials with social media hooks, we were disappointed by Audi’s Twitter hashtag — it was so small on the screen, we nearly missed it — and amused by Chevy Cruze’s new Facebook feature (above). Using OnStar, you can listen to Facebook updates while you drive. Now that’s hard core.
  • News Corp. gave itself a 30 second spot in the Super Bowl to promote The Daily, the new iPad app. PaidContent calls the move a “calculated risk,” given the fact the app is brand new and still buggy. “It looks like The Daily is counting on the same kind of good will that kept people hanging on for updates from Flipboard or other apps overwhelmed by a big start, keeping enough interested users to outweigh the frustrated ones,” PaidContent writes. We shall see.
  • And we can’t end without this one: a quick cutaway by Fox Sports of Cameron Diaz feeding Alex Rodriguez popcorn skyrocketed across Twitter for clearly self-explanatory reasons. It didn’t take long to show up on YouTube, either.

There will be more. Add yours in comments below…