Beamly Expanding to Android TV

By Jordan Chariton 

Beamly_Masterbrand_HeroOn the heels of recent growth, Beamly is set to expand its suite of mobile features to the first screen.

The company announced today its app, which includes a personalized TV guide, content discovery and recommendation features, remote control, personalized news feeds, and more, will soon be available for Android TV sets. It’s the first time company’s technology will be available for TV sets.

“We’ve always seen the future as being not about the first screen or the second screen, but a two-way connection between the device in your hand where you browse and interact with TV shows, and the big screen where you watch those shows” said Anthony Rose, co-founder & CTO at Beamly. “The arrival of the Android TV platform will finally make this possible.”

The company says its remote control capability will allow a TV set, an external set top box, and the Android TV interface all to be controlled with a single click, creating a “unified experience across cable, free to air and IP-delivered content.” And TV viewers using Beamly will be able to sych Beamly’s mobile and on-screen apps with the current show they’re watching.

Beamly’s mobile platform allows TV fans to follow shows and TV personalities, find and connect with fellow fans around a wide variety of shows, chat in Beamly’s TV Rooms, discover new shows, and interact with custom games, voting, and synched experiences.