As the events in Boston unfolded, the world turned to

By Natan Edelsburg 

We wrote about the amazing numbers CNN Digital posted as a result of the Pope Francis announcement. Still, CNN is a go-to news source for both celebratory and tragic news, and  the events in Boston were of major concern to not only Bostonians but also to people all over the world. As events unfolded in Boston, CNN Digital had its most successful week ever in terms of page views, topping 808 million, followed only by the week of the 2008 Election which resulted in 665 million page views. While the tragedy brought up many editorial concerns both with CNN and other traditional and non-traditional news sources, the web results are still very impressive.

With 65 million video starts, it was CNN’s second highest week ever; the first was the week of the Japanese tsunami (March 2011) with 73 million starts.

Below, the statistics from the peak day, Friday, when Dzhokar Tsarnaev was captured:

• 173+ million page views – the 3rd highest day on record after Election Days 2008 and 2012.

• 20.4+ million unique visitors – the 4th highest day in history.

• 21 million video starts – 3rd highest day in history, following only the Japanese tsunami and Inauguration 2009.

• 2.3+ million live video streams.

• 44 million mobile page views – second highest ever.

• 1.41 million mobile video starts – top day on record.

• CNN’s unauthenticated live TV coverage received more than 163K mobile plays.