Anna Kendrick Drives Top Ads

By Karen Fratti Comment

Star Wars makes a strong showing on’s ranking of most engaging TV ads this week, with three spots in the top ten.“Become More Powerful,” an ad for Star Wars: Battlefront, the video game. garnered over 5.8 million online views and 49, 901 social actions, the commercial features film star Anna Kendrick narrating the lives of ordinary people who are giving into the power of the in-universe “dark side.”

Outside of Star Wars, Twitter’s “Pope’s Visit” ad made a significant dent in the list, appearing in third place. It showcases Twitter’s new “Moments” feature as illustrated by the pontiff’s recent visit to the U.S.

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

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1. Star Wars: Battlefront: Become More Powerful

5.34% Digital SOV  5,812,984 Online Views  49,901 Social Actions

2. Star Wars: Battlefront: Gameplay Launch Trailer

1.58% Digital SOV  3,218,936 Online Views  6,503 Social Actions

3. Pope’s Visit

1.33% Digital SOV  1,964,149 Online Views  9,533 Social Actions

4. Star Wars: Battle for Christmas Morning

1.29% Digital SOV  2,028,165 Online Views  8,687 Social Actions

5. A Great Big Universe

1.18% Digital SOV  803,618 Online Views  13,667 Social Actions

6. In-Between Moments

1.18% Digital SOV  2,385,190 Online Views  4,793 Social Actions

7. Call of Duty: Black Ops III: Seize Glory

0.94% Digital SOV  1,888,776 Online Views  4,003 Social Actions

8. It’s Not You

0.69% Digital SOV  53 Online Views  10,626 Social Actions

9. Chapter Two: Pirate Shipping

0.68% Digital SOV  1,179,112 Online Views  3,885 Social Actions

10. Fallout 4: The Wanderer Trailer

0.65% Digital SOV  766,303 Online Views  4,648 Social Actions

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