An inside look at Here TV’s new website and social TV strategy

By Natan Edelsburg 

536585_560682697305732_42326597_nHere TV, “America’s only gay television network” (available in all Time Warner Cable markets) recently launched a brand new website as the media company continues to invest in digital and social content. According to the network, “now fans of the best of LGBT films and television series on TV can access information about their favorite Here TV programming quickly and effortlessly on their mobile phones, tablets, or computers.” We spoke with John Mongiardo, the SVP of Programming and Operations and Josh Rosenzweig, the SVP of Marketing about the launch.

Here TV is produced by Here Media Inc., which “produces and distributes niche content across all platforms worldwide. Here Media’s iconic brands distribute gay media with universal, humanistic appeal. Its distribution platforms include television, VOD, broadband, online, print, and mobile.”  We spoke to Mongiardo and Rosenzweig about how they use social TV to initiate a “viral loop” of great content and how Google+ is becoming increasingly important for their community.

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Lost Remote: What’s the network’s social TV strategy?
John Mongiardo and Josh Rosenzweig:
  We use social media to start the viral loop. It is the most direct, clear way to get the message out and out quickly and drive interest to the various platforms during the promotion window. It is where the message starts.

All posts and tweets drive to for information, which in turn becomes the catalyst for action- be it a free view of content or subscription to the network’s premium service which ultimately loops back to action on our social media.

Lost Remote: What platforms are most important?
Mongiardo and Rosenzweig: Facebook and Twitter still lead the charge, but but Google Plus is becoming increasingly more important.

Lost Remote: What are the social components of the new site?
Mongiardo and Rosenzweig: Users can have a complete mobile experience. It is the first Here Media website built in Drupal 7, so it is as up-to-date as it can be.

Clips from all the Here TV programming are available on the new site and of course can be shared, tweeted, liked and added to a google plus circle.