30 Second Ads Are In Again

By Karen Fratti Comment

watching-tv-hed-2013A recent Viant report found that advertisers spent over $7.5 billion on video ads in 2015, which means there was 42 percent growth since 2014. The 2015 Year in Review Video Insights Report, which is written with Viant’s ad serving platform Vindico in mind, also found other interesting data points about how and where advertisers are spending their budgets on digital media.

Some Highlights from the 2015 Video Insights Report

  • Share of impressions drops for desktop, grows substantially for mobile, hugely for OTT TV: The share of impressions that Viant’s advertisers served onto computer devices fell from 88 percent of our total impression delivery to 79 percent which means a decrease of 9 percent. In 2015, 18 percent of all impressions were served to smartphones and tablets, which is a 59 percent increase from 2014, when mobile made up just 11 percent of the total.
  • Completion rates improve for mobile and desktop: The highest completion rates for video ads by device type were on TV-based devices, namely OTT and game consoles, where nearly 100 percent of digital video ad views were allowed to run to completion.
  • 30-second ads regain share of video ads by length: In 2014, our report showed that 15-second video ads were gaining in popularity, more than 30-second ads. But in 2015, it seems that trends has reversed itself and 30-second ads are now all the rage again, across all publisher types.

Viant noted in a statement that the growing popularity of longer ads coincides with viewers watching longer form on bigger screens. If the report shows nothing else, it’s that you can’t bet on any viewing habits to stay the same year-to-year.