20th Television Partners With WiO

By Karen Fratti Comment

If there’s any takeaway from this upfront season, it’s that advertising is getting more and more interactive. A division of 20th Century Fox, 20th Television, announced a partnership with WiOffer today, which has viewers texting and speaking to brands directly from their couch. The WiO app uses voice and audio content recognition so consumers can receive deals and more info. Andrew S. Pakula, WiOffer founder and CEO says that the app was designed “for ease of use for both the advertiser and consumer in mind. As such, the response to consumer actions is immediate.”

The idea is that viewers see an ad on television and then can move to their second screen (we can fight about which the first and second screen another time), enter a keyword, promo code and get discounts or browse product options. Michael Teicher, EVP Media Sales for 20th Television says that this takes advertising “beyond the usual media transaction.”

Viewers can search by typing, or voice search by speaking the keyword displayed on the television screen to immediately receive an offer. For advertisers, they can set up campaigns on a national, regional or geographical basis without too much effort and provides real-time metrics. 20th Television will be highlighting WiOffer across all of their platforms, so expect to see it soon if you’re watching reruns of Modern Family, Family Guy, Glee, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, COPS Reloaded, Raising Hope, Bones, How I Met Your Mother, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, or The Simpsons.