18 million 'Viggle Live' questions answered during the Olympics

By Natan Edelsburg Comment

Viggle has tremendously emerged as the social TV startup to watch in 2012. The social TV rewards app launched in January and has continued to grow throughout the year. They’ve attracted brands and have given TV shows like NBC’s TODAY an opportunity to sell social to sponsors. Just a few weeks after surpassing 1 million users, they’re announcing how Viggle was during the London 2012 games.

Viggle Live was used throughout the games to poll viewers who were watching the TV broadcast of the Olympics while using their app. Users that answered questions earned points that can be turned in for rewards from Groupon, Best Buy, Sephora and Hulu Plus, and more according to Viggle. The company announced that 18 million questions were answered throughout the games, and they’ve released a few highlights:

– When asked which Olympian they might leave their spouse for, 61% of men and 60% of women proudly said they weren’t interested.
– 76% believe Michael Phelps to be the greatest Olympian ever.
– 36% of respondents said Andy Murray’s triumph over Roger Federer has been the biggest surprise of the games; the cheating that occurred in badminton came in a close second at 31%.
– Although inspired by the Olympics overall, 75% confided that after watching track & field events they’d still rather sleep in than go for a run the next morning.
– Asked which Olympic sport they would like to compete in, 17% of Viggle users said badminton, 16% said table tennis and 12% shocked the judges by choosing rhythmic gymnastics.

Here’s the infographic: