Kellyn Smith Kenny
Chief Marketing Officer

Hilton CMO Kellyn Smith Kenny on How to “Innovate in Service of the Customer”

Kellyn Smith Kenny leads global marketing for Hilton, which includes 15 different trading brands, nearly 900,000 rooms, almost 400,000 team members and operates in over 100 countries all around the globe.  Having come from Uber after building their marketing team from the ground up, Kellyn knows what it takes to revolutionize an industry, which is exactly what she’s doing now with Hilton.

Inspired by Hilton’s customer focus, its pioneering culture and the hospitality spirit, Kellyn is on a mission to “innovate in service of the customer”.  Her main ally is, and always has been, deep consumer insights which gives her an honest perspective on what’s truly needed, what’s not communicated well or frankly, simply misunderstood.  These insights then guide her team on how they communicate the most important points in a campaign to “stick the landing”.

“One of the mantras we have inside my team is fewer, bigger, better. We want to do fewer things, but we want them to be bigger, more impactful and better. That guiding principle works incredibly well when you’re trying to scale inside of a global organization of 400,000 people.”

Most recently, Kellyn launched “Expect Better. Expect Hilton.” on the heels of “Stop Clicking Around” to reach more travelers, especially millennials, and reinforce the vast number of consumer perks that Hilton has to offer which are geared to making the travel experience more enjoyable, affordable and trustworthy. Kellyn shares with us what she uncovered in her consumer research, how she deciphered the critical ah-has and orchestrated a “double-duty” objective without cluttering the message.

Tune in to hear more from Kellyn on how she’s changing the game for hospitality, her leadership style, how to use both your head and your heart and how she is living up to the pioneers before her - the same ones who invented the Brownie, the Martini and the Pina Colada, just to name a few fun factoids about Hilton.  Did you know that? I sure didn’t.