YA Author Sets Her Characters a’Twittering

By Neal Comment

Recently, I’ve posted about Twitter can be a tool for publishers to communicate with readers and a platform for early bookbuzz. Here’s another possibilty: creating potential story hooks for readers.

jennifer-banash-headshot.jpgJennifer Banash (right) has created microblogs on Twitter for three of the characters in her new series of YA novels, The Elite: Madison, Casey, and Drew. The characters make reference to the real world—”read the interview with the director of American Teen in the Times this morning”—as well as their own exploits; they even wind up interacting with each other:

Casey_McCloy Watching Breathless (cool French B&W movie from 60’s) with Drew and a large bowl of buttery popcorn *swoon*

Drew_Van_Allen Jean Seberg is the kind of girl you want to sell copies of the Herald Tribune for on a Paris street corner, and then perhaps do her laundry

Casey_McCloy Drew’s bed is officially comfortable–especially with him in it. *Squeal*

(Never mind that this has them Twittering separately while in the same room.)

“I was just on Twitter one day and it occured to me that the format was perfect fpr the kind of YA books I write,” Banash emailed me when I asked about the feeds. She says she gives each character at least two posts a day, and doesn’t have to get “in character” to do it—”mostly because I just wrote all three books in the series in less than a year, so the character’s voices are still pretty fresh in my head.” Links to the twittering, along with excerpts, will be included in the promotional material and, should the series be extended beyond its initial three-book run, some of the online developments may find their way into the storyline.