Writers Remember Patrick Swayze

By Jason Boog Comment

barrelhouse.jpgThe sad news arrived last night that Patrick Swayze has died. The actor passed away at 57-years-old, following a battle with cancer.

Over the last five years, the literary magazine Barrelhouse has paid tribute to this iconic actor, asking every interviewee the same question: “What’s your favorite Swayze movie?” They received answers from many writerly types, including Chuck Klosterman, Emmylou Harris, and Malcolm Gladwell. Now, they’ve collected all the answers in a single post.

Here’s more from the post: “Part of this whole Barrelhouse enterprise, as evidenced in our tagline, is the celebration of low culture along with more traditional ‘art.’ And there are no movies that embody the greatest aspects of ‘low’ culture better than Swayze movies. Road House and Point Break may be preposterous, but they are so unabashed and inventive in their preposterousness, so goddam comfortable in their own preening, goofy-ass, impossible skin, that some of us quite literally had no choice but to fall in love with them.”