Write the First Page of Snooki’s Novel So She Doesn’t Have To

By Jason Boog Comment

Yesterday, out of a sense of general decency and empathy for all the aspiring writers in the audience, we neglected to tell you that Jersey Shore star Nicole Polizzi (a.k.a. Snooki) scored a book deal to write a new novel.

Today, a piece of Snooki-related news broke that we had to share with you. Gawker has sponsored a contest to write the first page of Snookie’s novel.

Here’s more from Gawker: “We know that Snooki’s novel, A Shore Thing!, will be about a girl who goes to the Jersey Shore to find love on the boardwalk. The first page of your work should stick with that premise and really capture the reader’s attention with insight and detail. … Leave your work in the comments section of this post. Whoever comes up with the best first page of Snooki’s novel will win a big box of books. (Advance copies sent to us by publishers and new releases, mostly.) We’ll select a winner tomorrow afternoon. Good luck, and remember, America’s literary legacy rests in your hands.”