Woot Sold 4,968 Amazon Kindles in 9 Hours

By Jason Boog Comment


Amazon has a new weapon in the eReader price war–Woot.

Yesterday Amazon acquired Woot, an online vendor that only sells one item per day–usually carrying a nice discount on the price. The first deal was a $149 Kindle–a dramatic drop from the already dramatically dropped price $189.

As eBookNewser noted, Woot quickly sold out: “In nine hours, Amazon sold 4,968 Kindles. It’s not surprising, when you consider that two weeks ago they cost $259 each. Wonder what Barnes & Noble plans to do about this?”

Here’s more from the Woot post: “Yeah, yeah, that’s the real price for a real Kindle. It’s not a typo or a knockoff or some Russian credit-card scam — just a Woot exclusive deal. But, y’know, hurry it up, willya? … So yeah, a bonafide Amazon Kindle at a Woot-exclusive price, the iconic device that wrote the next chapter in the publishing story — listen, you want cheap puns or a cheap Kindle? We ain’t got all day here and we don’t like the look of that guy over there. How long has he been standing there? Is he watching us? OK, time to decide, pal.”

[Editor’s Note: This post was updated as the story evolved.]