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By Jason Boog Comment

twitterlogo2323.jpgTo celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, we are reposting our Twitter list of women in publishing. Follow the feeds below to add some great women to your reading list.

Six months ago, Dear Author co-founder Jane Litte created a big stir in the publishing Twitter-sphere, celebrating her favorite Women in Publishing. Her post generated a massive response from readers around the globe, all archived at the hashtag, #womeninpublishing.

We love a good directory, so we collected as many of the Twitter feeds as we could into a single Women in Publishing Twitter Directory. The complete list follows below. This list is not comprehensive–add the name and Twitter handle of your favorite woman in publishing in the comments section. This is an enormous list, so please be patient as it grows.

Charlotte Abbott: Journalist and publishing consultant, following readers into the future. Join me Thursdays at 4-5pm ET for #followreader chat on digital publishing issues.

Catherine M. Albano: I edit, proofread, and write–not necessarily in that order.

Abby Anderson: Sales & Subrights for independent trade book publisher. I sell quirk.

Lynn Andriani: I write about cookbooks (and other books, too) for Publishers Weekly. And I love to cook.

Erica Barmash: book marketing, book blogging, book tweeting (@harperperennial). i like soda.

Blythe Barnhill: AAR publisher/managing editor and full time Gap girl

Emi Battaglia
: Associate Publisher at Grand Central Publicity

Faith Black: Book editor, gin imbiber, tallest girl in the room.

Laura Bradford: Literary Agent at Bradford Literary Agency. I made it myself.

Grace Bridges: Independent Publisher, Irish Kiwi, globetrotter, sci-fi author, translator(German), web/graphic designer, moviemaker, chocaholic, jesusfreak, no average geek

Jo Brielyn: I’m a writer, poet, author & writer/editor of Creative Kids Ideas.

Rachel Kramer Bussel: writer, editor, cupcake blogger; see also @cupcakeblog + @InTheFleshNYC reading series (free, 3rd Thursday, NYC)

Andrea Campbell: Author, e-teacher, Home & Living Examiner, monkey foster mom, forensic artist & crim. law expert, fitness lover, primatology buff, blogger & profess

Rebecca Campbell: I’m the Managing Editor at Interweave, an art/craft media company (books, mags, videos, apps, TV, and more). I love the written word and everything handmade.

Liza Cassity: Book publicist. Dance enthusiast. Halloween professional. Lover of bacon.

Yen Cheong: Associate Director of Digital Media and Publicity at a large publishing house. Media junkie. Gadget freak. Runner. Author of The Book Publicity Blog.

Katie McKee Clay: Senior Publicist for Putnam & Riverhead Books (Penguin Group USA)

Victoria Comella: Senior Publicist with Putnam & Riverhead Books. I read a lot. You should, too.

Rachel Deahl: Deals columnist (and news editor) for Publishers Weekly. And yes, the name’s pronounced just liked the column. Crazy, I know.

Selena Dehne: I Connect JIST Publishing’s Job Search and Career Experts to Media Opportunities

Dianna Dilworth: Writer, Filmmaker, Mellotron documenter, Mrs. Christe, Walker, Swimmer, Frequent Flier

Lydia Dishman: Freelance features writer for print and web. Find me at BNET, Fast Company, Entrepeneur and others. NYC transplant to the South.

Linda Dougherty: Writer for The Horse of Delaware Valley, The Blood-Horse and Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred. Horse owner and breeder.

C.L. Dyck: Life-led unschooler. Freethinker. Writer of Christian polemics, creative non-fiction, and speculative fiction. ACFW member. Editor.

Ehbluemle: Bookseller, Writer, lover of chocolate, dogs, and all things smart and funny

Elain Evans: I am a food writer and a fundraiser with a big heart. You can find my recipes in Men’s Health UK and my direct response campaigns at the University of BC.

Jana Faust: I’m the digital assets & IT manager at the U of Nebraska Press. I’ve also sold books, stocked books, cataloged books, & digitized books.

Megan Fitzpatrick: I do marketing & publicity for the amazing audiobooks our (totally fun) team at Hachette Audio produces, and I also enjoy a wonderful life out and about in NYC.

Marika Flatt: Owns PR by the Book, a publicity firm.

Lynn Flewelling: I’m a fantasy author, editor, copywriter, tea reviewer, knitter, Buddhist, would-be ukelele player.

Rose Fox: PW reviews editor. About.com health editor. Not an official spokesperson. New Yorker. Married, with girlfriend. Skeptical optimist. Pragmatic hedonist.

Jane Friedman: Director, Writer’s Digest. Literary adventurer (deeply questioning). Bourbon devotee. Born & raised in southwestern Indiana.

Ashleigh Gardner: Technophile, Francophile, Bibliophile. Content manager with @kobo.

Rachelle Gardner: Literary agent, firefighter’s wife, mom of two awesome girls, Christ follower. I like books, music, and Starbucks, not necessarily in that order.

Diana Gill: Executive editor. Runs Harper Voyager US.

Sarah F. Gold: PW senior reviews editor loves cats, dance, chocolate, Stephen Colbert, blenko art glass

Meredith Greene: eBook writer, columnist & book reviewer

Laura Anne Gilman: I’m a novelist, a short story writer, a freelance editor, a wine nerd, a traveler, & a student of whatever intrigues me.

Jenna Glatzer: Author of 19 books, including Celine Dion’s authorized biography, The Marilyn Monroe Treasures, and My Stolen Son (with Susan Markowitz). Single mom. Nerd.

Juliet Grames: crime and litfic editor at Soho Press in NYC. food enthusiast. book and social media addict. the usual.

Ami Greko: All of a sudden, I found myself in love with the world. So there was only one thing that I could do.

Sara Habein: writing, obsessive music pondering, book reviews, misc. thoughtery. Co-editor of Electric City Creative.

Nettie Hartsock: Digital Strategist, Marketing Consultant, Author

Cara St. Hilaire: Publisher of photography, theatre, gaming, & animation books at Focal Press. Momma of 3 cats. Obsessed garden maniac & love all creatures with fur or feathers.

Carol Hinz: Editorial Director of Millbrook Press, a division of Lerner Publishing Group. Also, knitter, baker, ballerina. And construction worker.

Kristina Holmes: Non-fiction book agent, author advocate, obsessed with nut butters. Often found curled up with a book in one hand and a spoonful of peanut butter in the other.

In the Booley House: Blogging about YA Books!

Angela James: Executive Editor for Carina Press, Harlequin’s digital-first imprint. Dragging the world to the digital dark side, one reader at a time.

Susan Johnston: Freelance contributor to business & lifestyle pubs. Copy ninja specializing in nonprofit, retail & small biz.

Moriah Jovan: Author, publisher, entrepreneur, and reader. I write stories that engage the libido, the heart, and the IQ.

Stacia Kane: I write books. People even publish them. It’s pretty cool.

Laura Keefe: Online Publicity Manager @ Little, Brown & Co publishing, book lover, dance party enthusiast. Everything here just my own, humble opinions.

Carolyn Kellogg: LA Times staff writer, about books, mostly. I like paper and pixels.

Deidre Knight: Literary Agent and New York Times bestselling author of romance/women’s fiction who loves to travel to far away places, mentally and geographically.

Mary Robinette Kowal: Professional puppeteer & the 2008 winner of the Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Stories in places such as Asimov’s, Apex, & Cosmos.

Kassia Krozser: Thinking too much about books, technology, and people.

Vicki Lame: she would edit books; she would create constellations

Josie Leavitt: Bookstore owner, stand up comic, student of Chinese and loving Spring.

Robin Lenz: Managing Editor, Shelf Awareness; Publishers Weekly ex-managing editor.(I also tweet @shelfawareness–if I don’t follow you here, I probably follow you there.)

Colleen Lindsay: Publishing insurgent. People connector. Digital proselytizer. Queer human. Pop culture junkie. Sartorial tragedy. Cat herder. Professional nerd.

Jane Litte: blogging about books, technology, and life. They converge at some point.

Kimberly Loc: I’m an advertising content copywriter by day, lifestyle blogger and freelance writer/editor by night and cupcake baker/consumer at all times in between.

Rae Lori: Author, Artist, all around dreamer

Krestyna Lypen: master of letters; editor of children’s books

Raquel M.: I’ve been in the book industry since I was 17. I’m currently the Marketing Services Supervisor for Candlewick Press.

Heidi MacDonald: Writer, editor, pop culture maven

C.J. Madigan: book designer and digital photo archivist passionately committed to preserving photos and the stories within them

Pam McClanahan: I’m a book publisher. From 100,000 words a week to 140 characters a tweet–it’s all in a day’s work

Jamie McDonald: Guam born, Fordham educated, Manhattan working, Jersey City living, book publicist.

Barbara Mead: President of Reading Group Choices. I love discussing anything related to reading groups, books clubs, and books, in general!

Kat Meyer: Champion of storytelling in all forms + formats. Community Manager for O’Reilly’s Tools of Change. Reader advocate at #followreader

Heather Michon: Essayist & historian

Courtney Milan: Author of romance novels set in early Victorian England

Miss Adventuring: Carla King is an adventure travel writer, author of the Motorcycle Misadventures series, publisher, and self-publishing expert.

Nina Lourie: Piracy department at a NY publishing house

Jenn Northington: bookseller for life, gadget-obsessed, fangirl for all things nerdy, reader/writer/art-dabbler

Lisa L. Owens: Children’s & YA author. SCBWI, Authors Guild & PNWA member. Freelance writer & editor. EFA ed chair.

Miriam Parker: Reader, writer. Also, the Marketing Director for Little, Brown’s new Mystery/Suspense imprint @mulhollandbooks.

Bethanne Patrick: Blogger, book reviewer, author interviewer, author –but above all, a reader.

Sara Paxton: A sassy socialista well known for her silver tongue. Oh & the genius behind @evansmediagroup.

Carolyn Pittis: Book marketing girl @HarperCollins, power gardener, bicycler, historian, eclectic retweeter. Tell me something interesting!

Sina Queyras: crabby mouthpiece for Poetry. Wanna make something of it?

Dominique Raccah: Independent book publisher. Entrepreneur. Sourcebooks. I believe that books change lives and am fascinated/inspired by the digital transformation of the book

Kate Rados: I’m a digi-nerd, marketer, singer, and clueless crafter.

Nikki Reimer: Writer, Reader, Chronic Complainer. [sic] (Frontenac House 2010). EastVanCats Curator. Kootenay School of Writing.

Sonia Jaffe Robbins: editor, writer, feminist

MJ Rose: Author of 11 novels and marketing exec – creator Authorbuzz.com. My newest novel The Hypnotist is out now and an Indie Next Pick.

Elana Roth: Brooklynite, children’s book agent, Squarespace support specialist, semi-pro Jew, bourbon drinker. I work for lots of people. None of these tweets are theirs.

Kathleen Rushall: There’s more to life than books, you know, but not much more.

Valerie Russo: Blogger, Web Publicist @HachetteBooks, Poet, Member of the Human Race

Katy Ryan: Freelance writer, shopaholic, aspiring foodie, author of Moon Kansas City and assistant editor of www.CharlesAndHudson.com.

Lilith Saintcrow: Bedraggled but proud.

SandyAAR: Sandy is a publisher of All About Romance

Marian Schembari: I help authors sell boatloads of books using social media. Creator, Pajama Job Hunt. Expat. Blogger extraordinaire.

Kathleen Schmidt: A bookish broad, PR superhero, mother of two, lover of sports

L.J. Sellers: Author of THE SEX CLUB, SECRETS TO DIE FOR, and THRILLED TO DEATH. Fiction editor and occasional standup comic.

Deborah Siegel: “Feminist author/blogger/mama of b/g twins, founder of Girl w/Pen, founding partner of SheWrites.com, chocolate junkie, happy, wired, tired.”

Jessica Freeman-Slade: Assistant Managing Editor at Knopf–editorial mind, managerial tendencies.

Clea Simon: author/cat-lover/human

Jacqueline Simonds: Publisher, distributor, book packager/shepherd, author (Captain Mary, Buccaneer), beagle lover and wild woman.

Alyssa Smith: Editor at a NY publishing house, reviewer, convention organizer, avid costumer, and owner of several demanding parrots

Kristine Smith:  Scientist. Writer. Dog person

Anne Sowards: science fiction & fantasy editor at Penguin (vampires & wizards & spaceships, oh my).

Lynn Spencer: Lawyer and publisher/ombudswoman at All About Romance; I stay busy. 🙂

Debbie Stier: Enthusiast, Seeker, Reader, Mom

Laura Strachan: literary agent representing literary fiction and narrative nonfiction. Loves books, art, theatre — compelling stories, well told.

Cecilia Tan: writer, editor, activist

Victoria Strauss: Novelist (7 books), book reviewer, co-founder of Writer Beware, a publishing industry watchdog group.

Jill Tomich: Entrepreneur. Co-Founder, @eBookPie. Love books, passionate about technology, and crazy about travel.

Dana Trombles: online publicist for Grand Central Books, Etsy-fied crafter, music snob

Jacqueline Turner: Poet, Reviewer, Blogger

Malle Vallik: Social media, digital content, book publishing, writer, Harlequin

Barbara Vey: Senior Contributing Editor/Blogger for Publishers Weekly, Beyond Her Book, avid reader, WW Lifer Milwaukee Brewers, Green Bay Packers Fan, Amazing Race addict

Amanda Walker: book publicist at a major publishing house

Sarah Wendell: I’m Sarah from Smart Bitches, I like Trashy Books

Kamy Wicoff: Founder and CEO, She Writes.com!

Amy Wilkins
: Assistant Manager, Digital Content & Social Media at Harlequin/Carina Press. Tweeting about ebooks, reading, romance & digital publishing, blogging, and life.

Julie Wilson: Personal and group account for Book Madam & Associates. | Founder: @SeenReading

Sarah Wilson: Digital PR pro working with @Youcast, @adworkshop, @inphormation & @shewritesdotcom.

Zoe Winters: Indie author of snarky paranormal romance. Read KEPT free at zoewinters.org follower notifications off.

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