Wolfe’s Next Book: I Am Charlatan

By Kathryn Comment

Tom Wolfe’s next book, the AP reports, will be a nonfiction look at “off-the-wall behaviour — wealthy investor types who hide their status, dress like delinquents and act like bad seeds.” As Wolfe told an audience in Brazil during a book tour,

“… What is a rich man who dresses in a style known as post-homeless [ed. – never heard of it] trying to say? That’s what I’d like to find out … That’s why there are so many bad marriages. A girl can no longer tell where a young man stands just by looking at him.

By the time a girl marries a man, one hopes that — even if she’s living in Charlotte Simon‘s ‘post-date’ world — she’s done more than “[look] at him.” But, never mind; we’ve better things to waste time parsing. Mainly this, another quote said for the benefit of Wolfe’s Brazilian audience: verywhite.jpg

“I used to own quite a lot of white suits. At one time I had 34, today I only have 24. But it’s tough going. If I had Dr. Freud’s … number I’d call him to ask him why I do this,” said Wolfe.

We’ve one guess (right), but readers should feel free to submit others.