Why You Should Back Up Your Writing Right Now

By Jason Boog Comment


A Rutgers PhD student recently lost five years of work when a computer was stolen, and they posted a heartbreaking message that has since earned more than a million views online (embedded above).

This is the perfect reminder to BACK UP YOUR WORK. Social Times rounded up the Top 8 Free File Sharing Sites, enough free storage to save every bit of digital work you have ever created. Here are two free offerings from the long list:

1. Box: gives you 5 GB of storage for free and lets you organize your files into folders in the cloud, just like you would on your desktop. You can share links or entire file folders with others and see when they’ve been viewed.

2. Bitcasa: stores up to 10 GB worth of free files, photos, playlists, videos and docs that can be accessed from any device (and reportedly goes up to infinity for paying customers).