Why are Authors Selling Cars?

By Ethan Comment

Ever since On the Road, there’s been a kinship between authors and cars, but recently Lexus and Hyundai have endeavored in a matter of branding gone wrong.larrry boots.jpg
I don’t know if you’ve caught Hyundai’s Dollars & Sense campaign, but I’ve been seeing a commercial where financial and fashion guru Larry Winget pops out of the back seat of a car to offer his sage advice. Even more suprising is that the driver recognizes him (well, he does have that tv show and an awesome collection of cowboy boots) in what’s a great plug for his book, You’re Broke Because You Want to Be. This strange campaign also features two other financial advice authors, Ray Lucia (Buckets of Money) and, Adam Smith (The Money Game). What’s sad about the ad is that I couldn’t for the life of me remember that it was for Hyundai, but clearly recall Winget.

On All Financial Matters Larry chimed in on the commercial:

“Well at least people are seeing the commercials! None of us are suggesting that you immediately run out and buy a Hyundai or any other car. I know I am not. My point in doing the commercial is that IF you need a car at least buy one that has cash back and zero percent financing.”

Now that’s what I call an endorsement!