Who Will You Put in the White House?

By Neal Comment

bobkolar-election.jpgMore than 100 authors and illustrators contributed to Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out, a new book about U.S. presidential history, including Bob Kolar, who drew a timeline illustration of our first 43 presidents that also serves as a trivia game. And while you might think that his artwork is going to become outdated next week, Kolar and Candlewick Press have already thought of that—and produced a set of Barack Obama and John McCain stickers. All you have to do is download the images (PDF) and print them out on sticky-back label paper. Then, as you watch the election with your kids, or read the paper with them the next morning, you can put the new president at the head of the line.

Kolar’s artwork is really big, and we thought reducing it to fit inside our homepage template would spoil the effect, so we’ve left it at the bottom of this post… or as a popup image.


OUR WHITE HOUSE. Compilation copyright © 2008 by the National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance. Illustration copyright © 2008 Bob Kolar. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Candlewick Press, Somerville, MA.