Whether this catches on is another story

By Carmen Comment

Tony Broadbent’s second crime novel, SPECTER IN THE SMOKE, will be out at the end of the year from St. Martin’s Press. It’s been a few years since his debut and naturally, he’s trying to find new ways to promote himself. As such, he’s partnered with a multimedia company for his efforts:

SVC Financial Services today announced the release of a new Mazarin Media Platform Template for authors and publishers. Mazarin AUTHOR is the new multimedia solution selected by Tony Broadbent to promote his latest mystery “Spectres in the Smoke. A creeping narrative.”

“I’ve seen Mazarin solutions at work for non-profit organizations, political campaigns, and other targeted awareness campaigns,” said author Tony Broadbent. “When SVC told me they were developing a new template for authors to promote their works, I was onboard immediately. And I’m working with SVC to provide content and media to build the first Mazarin AUTHOR application to showcase my new novel “Spectres in the Smoke” (St Martins /Thomas Dunne) and the new trade paperback release of “The Smoke.” (Felony & Mayhem Press)

“Using SVC’s Mazarin AUTHOR an author, new or established, can reach out to their audience in a compelling and immediate way, they can complement their publishers marketing efforts in a very real sense,” said Bob Peak, SVC Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “With Mazarin AUTHOR, authors have the lowest cost method available to push out to an audience and really get the word out, hopefully accelerating sales.”

SVC has already done some promotion for Dick Guldstrand and Dave Friedman’s recent book on the history of Corvettes.