What’s Your Favorite Summer Fluff Piece?

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

Executive editor Bill Keller wants to ban books and read Twitter instead. Or at least that is the satirical claim he made in a piece in The New York Times this week–“Let’s Ban Books, or at Least Stop Writing Them.”

Welcome to July, the month when media organizations (including GalleyCat) fill slow news days with fluff pieces. We would like to nominate Keller’s piece as the top summer fluff piece of 2011.

What was your favorite publishing puff piece of the summer?

Think you’ve read some summer fluff on GalleyCat? Yep, you probably have. We’ll be the first to admit that we’re guilty of it too. (Come on, everyone in publishing is out on their yachts and in their summer houses this time of year!)

Our personal favorite summer fluff piece to grace the GalleyCat homepage was managing editor Jason Boog’s hard-hitting investigation, “Why Publishing Needs Summer Fridays.” Who doesn’t want summer Fridays off? This eBookNewser editor blogged about an eBook drinking game invented by Bookavore.

Electric Literature’s Outlet blog had another great piece of summer fluff. In a post titled, “Top 10 WILFs,” author Julia Jackson named the top 10 writers she’d like to take a roll in the hay with. Authors as sex symbols? Talk about a slow news week. Maybe they’ll follow up with a TMZ-style gallery of writers photographed in their bikinis on the beach.

Nominate your favorite in the comments below–feel free to be meta and nominate this post!