What’s the Best Price for a Children’s Book App?

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

eBook pricing is a highly debated topic in the book publishing industry, and it gets even more complicated when it comes to eBook apps. Children’s book apps, one of the more popular genres of book apps, have their own set of considerations.

Sam Berman is the founder of Grids Interactive, a kids book app development company responsible for such apps as The Truly Great Noodle (pictured left) and the soon-to-be-released Monsters In My Room, shared his thoughts on the subject in an interview with eBookNewser.

He said pricing depends on the quality of the book. “Book apps with high quality, heavy interactivity and more innovative features should be in the $4.99 -$6.99 range. We have seen an interesting market transformation with the rise of app-based books, where customer expectation for quality and interactivity is high and pricing expectation is very low. Ideas of what constitutes value have shifted dramatically. A traditional children’s picture book could sell for $15.99 in a bookstore, but the expectation as an app is that it should cost around $3.99, despite the fact that it is inclusive of so many additional features and extras. I supposed there is a give and take for access to a worldwide marketplace.”

What do you think is the right price for a children’s eBook app?