What Writers & Publishers Need to Know about HuffPost Book Club

By Jason Boog Comment

The Huffington Post unveiled the HuffPost Book Club this week. Starting on January 3rd, the club will feature 10 books next year. The online group will use Twitter, Facebook, Instagr.am, YouTube and Flickr to share reading experiences.

On the Morning Media Menu today, we interviewed Huffington Post Books editor Andrew Losowsky about the new venture, finding out how writers, publishers and readers can get involved.

He explained how writers and publishers can submit: “There are a panel of people internally who are choosing the books. But I would urge anyone to get in touch. Obviously, we’re going to be leaning towards books that have a nation-wide distribution, something that would be available in library systems in different states and people would be able to order. People can email us at HPBookClub [at] huffingtonpost [dot] com. That will go to our team, and we will take a look at everything we get.”

He concluded: “We will also be connecting with existing, real-world books clubs. We really hope a number of them will join in, follow along and add their thoughts. We don’t see this as a replacement for the book clubs, just a different kind of book club. It’s an experiment, really. We just want to put it out there and see how people are making these books part of their lives.”