What Writers Need to Know About Assignmint

By Jason Boog Comment

Assignmint is a new platform aimed at streamlining the process of pitching, writing and billing outlets for your writing.

Follow this link to sign up for a free author account. If you are a working freelance writer, you should explore the free service–they already have resources for keeping track of stories, creating invoices or adding up expenses. Check it out:

First, hit your Contacts dashboard to add your favorite outlets and editors. Be sure to search our directory outlet before you start typing addresses: We have more than 15,000 U.S. newspapers, magazines, websites and other publications already in the system. (Don’t see yours? Tip us off; we’ll add it.) Soon, you’ll be able to search this directory for new outlets that might want whatever it is you’re peddling. Then, put together some new ideas and send them via your Pitch dashboard. For your convenience, we’ve pre-installed dummy “pending” and “draft” pitches in your account to help you get started. Your editors can reply via email (as they normally would) or directly to your Assignmint account using our secure pitch lander pages. Once you get the job, it’s a snap to record assignment details, file copy, track expenses and send that all-important invoice. Soon, using our proprietary banking gateway, you’ll have the option to accept secure electronic payments directly from your employers.

While the audience needs to grow, the infrastructure is useful for journalists and authors. The free sign-up page will have a slot for editors as well in the future.

The site also has a blog with advice for freelance writers, including a section about exploring the e-singles marketplace and some lessons learned from a seasoned travel journalist.