What to Write About When There’s Nothing to Say: 3 Tips for Generating Content

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To stay relevant and top of mind to your customers and prospects, you must have a solid content marketing program in place. But what do you write about when there’s nothing to write about? Or when you feel like everything has been said?

Remember that great content is all around you, even in the most ordinary places.

Let’s take a look at the easiest (and yet most overlooked) places to find writing inspiration.

Check your calendar

Your calendar holds information that can be interesting to your audience. Write about holidays, upcoming special events, important dates for your company, speaking engagements, conferences you’re attending, or tradeshows. A ton of great content can be found in just one page of your calendar!

Look behind the curtains

The Wizard of Oz movie would have been a lot more interesting if the Great and Powerful Oz pulled back the curtain sooner. Likewise, you’ll fascinate your customers by offering a glimpse behind your corporate curtain. You can show behind-the-scenes shots of your company in action, interviews of staff members or their bios, teasers of new products, showcase customers, or answer FAQs. And, to take it a step further, don’t just answer the questions your customers are asking, help them focus on the questions they should be asking to get to know your products better.

Remember, the things you find commonplace are going to be new and exciting to customers and prospects.

Check your pockets

In your pocket (or on your desk) resides your phone, one of the most powerful pieces of technology you own. Use it to quickly and easily create some create content. It doesn’t take much to pull together some shots of production or manufacturing, capture some staff interviews videos, or offer some fun footage of corporate events. By the mere virtue of owning a phone, every one of your employees becomes a content creator!

And so it begins

Now that you have your content ideas, you just need to write about them. Just keep these three questions in mind:

  • What’s relevant to my customers or my prospects?
  • Why should they care?
  • What’s in it for them?

Tell your readers why you decided to include that specific infographic or what that map relates to and why it’s important to them. Share the importance of a specific date or why your company is attending a specific conference and how they can benefit by joining you there.

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