‘What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex’ Sells Out First Print Run

By Maryann Yin Comment

What author is currently outselling J.K. Rowling and Dan Brown on Amazon? According to AOL News, comedian Shed Simove has landed impressive sales for a gag book.

Here’s more: “What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex has sold out its first print run, hitting No. 744 on Amazon’s list, ahead of Dan Brown‘s The Da Vinci Code at No. 2,910 and JK Rowling‘s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at No. 2,406.”

Simove’s paperback book consists of 200 blank pages. The back’s flap copy promises to reveal “the true depth of a man’s mind.” The book trailer embedded above shows the author flipping through the empty book.

Simove told AOL News that he is considering publishing a follow-up entitled Reasons to Trust Politicians. In 2008, Simove wrote a self-help book entitled Ideas Man which contains 352-pages of actual writing. (via ABC Action News)