Wells Tower: ‘I Am No Longer Doing Interviews on the Internet’

By Jason Boog Comment

When the Internet-based Hot Metal Bridge asked author Wells Tower for an interview, the author of Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned politely declined, explaining:  “I am no longer doing interviews on the internet.”

As an alternative, Tower met with the University of Pittsburgh literary journal and helped create a special zine version of the journal. Follow this link to order. What do you think of this unusual publicity choice?

Here’s more about the zine: “We talked a lot about the dangers of the internet, kittens, whiskey, bicycles, Foucault, tombstones, Lydia Davis, beach houses, Samizdat, favorite childhood books, what it takes to write well, punk bands, PDX, writing letters, Iceland, kayaking, having brothers, revising, Post WWII male writers, Amy Hempel, future writing cabins, key lime pie, the love of tiny dogs adopted out of guilt, ‘The Loss of the Creature,’ New Orleans, the history of Zines, Thin Lizzy, chocolate chip cookies….and much more. I wrote it all down, typed it out, cut and pasted it, added original artwork from a wonderfully talented Los Angeles based artist and filmmaker, some clip art, and I old school Xeroxed the thing.”

Tower explained his feelings about the Internet in this Huffington Post interview last year. (Via Carolyn Kellogg)