Watch the Final Wheel of Time Book Get Printed

By Jason Boog Comment

Tor Books will release the hardcover copy of A Memory of Light tomorrow, the final book in The Wheel of Time series–concluding the epic fantasy created by the late Robert Jordan.

The publisher posted a photo essay by art director Irene Gallo, showing the entire process of printing the book. The digital book will not be released until April 9th.

Check it out: “I had never been to the place where the guts of the books are printed, bound, and shipped. What better excuse to remedy that than to watch A Memory of Light—the final volume of a series that has been with me my entire carreer—go from rolls of clean white paper to shiny new hardcover books? A trip to historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to Quad Graphics was definitely in order.”

After Jordan died in 2007, novelist Brandon Sanderson (pictured) used his notes to write the conclusion to the series, publishing The Gathering Storm in 2009 and Towers of Midnight in 2010. 

Sanderson wrote about the conclusion of his Wheel of Time work in an online essay.

(Via digglee)