Warner Twelve Little Indians

By Kathryn Comment

Jon Karp has landed at Warner, PW (sub req’d) reports:

By this morning, Warner sent the official word: the former Random young gun would be handling his own imprint, as many speculated he would, and it would be at Warner.

Warner Twelve will do no more (but not at least) one book per month (which means that the line some years could be Warner Nine or Ten). Karp is tapped as publisher and editor-in-chief, though it’s an editor-in-chief without too many Indians [ed’s note – why don’t I get this?] : The marketing and sales all comes from Warner, and no full-fledged editorial hires are immediately on the horizon. Instead, Karp will personally acquire and edit each book. Karp reports to Warner Books publisher Jamie Raab; he’ll launch the list in spring ’07.