WaPo and PublicAffairs to Rush Book about President Obama’s Health Insurance Reform Bill

By Jason Boog Comment

obamahealth.jpgAs President Barack Obama signs the health insurance reform legislation he championed today, PublicAffairs will team up with The Washington Post to rush a book that will help readers understand the bill passed by the House of Representatives over the weekend.

Entitled Landmark: The Inside Story of America’s New Health Care Law and What It Means for Us All, it will be available as an eBook and paperback by late April. The book will be written by the Post‘s national staff.

Here’s more from the release: “[The book takes] a comprehensive look at the provisions of the bill as it emerges from the Senate and an intimate behind-the-scenes narrative of how President Obama rescued his signature initiative after a tumultuous political year. The book brings together an overview of the sweeping reforms to the country’s health care system with an accessible explanation of the new law’s contents, creating an invaluable resource for public understanding of the historic changes now underway. It will also feature exclusive interviews with senior White House officials, lawmakers, lobbyists and industry leaders.” (Image via.)