Walmart Inspires Flash Fiction Challenge

By Jason Boog Comment

50723.jpgYesterday writer Patti Abbott released links to scores of writers who responded to her “Walmart, I Love You” flash fiction challenge.

Writers from around the country shuffled through the mind-bending collection of real shopping center photos at People of Walmart, writing short short stories about the people featured in the photos (like that picture of a bored Easter Bunny). Most recently, the company made headlines for driving down the price of popular pre-order books in a book pricing war–but they inspired plenty of short short stories online.

Here’s an excerpt from Abbott’s contribution to the informal challenge: “I was the new guy, understand, the new guy. Not some ten-year veteran who knew the rulebook like the bible. But at approximately 4:20 PM on March 22, I spotted a large man reclining in the husband chair just off ladies’ wear. Thinking he must be homeless or sleeping it off, I’d begun to radio for advice when a screech interrupted me.” (Via Steve Weddle)