Vintage Books Turned Into Safes For Hiding Flasks & Other Secret Stashes

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

booksafeAre you looking for a good gift idea for a book lover? If you’ve already gotten them the books they want, maybe you should get them a book safe from SecretSafeBooks.

These hollowed out books have had their interiors stripped to create secret hiding places. Some are designed to hold flasks, some to hold jewelry and there is even a heart-shaped hiding place. Kara Witham, a graduate of School of the Art Institute of Chicago, is the creative force behind these creations. You can check out photos of how these book safes are made at this link. Here is more about how they are made from Etsy:

Hollow Books and Hollow Book Safes with Flasks, real books specially hollowed out with a trusty scroll saw, and then the pages are secured with professional book-binding glue. Finally, every Hollow Book Safe is finished off with magnets to close with a SNAP.

They range in price from about $42-68 on Etsy plus shipping. (Via Mashable).