Video Games, Comic Books, and the Future of Publishing

By Jason Boog Comment

rushkoffbiosm.jpgAs print magazine work dried up and print publishing faltered over the last few years, one author turned to new forms of storytelling to help his career.

Today’s guest on the Morning Media Menu was media critic and author Douglas Rushkoff, exploring his newest project, “X”–a conspiracy-driven graphic novel that will be used to build a video game. In addition, Rushkoff talked about layoffs at major magazines, the lifestyle of a 21st Century writer, and “Life, Inc.,” his critical analysis of corporate culture.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview: “My real strategy now is to survive by any means necessary. There’s less money out there [for writers]. In the old days, between books, you’d call Playboy or GQ and pick up a $3-a-word article for something … Now you’re lucky to get a buck or buck-fifty from a major magazine. All you can really do is diversify and focus at the same time.”