Union & Guild Resources for Writers

By Jason Boog Comment

In honor of the Labor Day holiday, we are once again sharing our list of union and guild resources for writers–organizations that help freelancers around the country cope with shrinking pay scales, a health insurance crisis and the crippling recession.

We’ve started our list below with email and website links, but feel free to add suggestions in the comments section–we will keep updating our directory. Last year, the National Writers Union (NWU) celebrated 30 years as “the only labor union that represents freelance writers.” Here are a few NWU accomplishments this year:

NWU works with freelancers for Heart and Soul, a magazine with an African American readership, to recover payments due contributors.  The 2-year effort by a dozen NWU members/H&S contributors leads to a binding legal agreement providing for payments of outstanding article fees totaling $126,000. The mass grievance first started in Oct. 2011 with 5 writers winning $5,000: this settlement covers 12 more. The NWU submits comments to the Copyright Office and mobilizes NWU members to oppose “orphan works” legislation that would allow anyone who claims they can’t find the holder of the rights to a work to use it without permission or payment.  The majority of individual comments received by the Copyright Office come from NWU members.

Union & Guild Resources for Writers

Authors Guild

Writers Guild of America, East

Writers Guild of America, West

Newspaper Guild

Boston NWU chapter

Chicago NWU chapter

Freelancers Union

Los Angeles NWU chapter

Newspaper Guild

New York NWU chapter

Pacific Northwest NWU chapter

Philadelphia NWU chapter

San Francisco Bay Area NWU chapter

Santa Cruz/Monterey NWU chapter

Southeast Michigan NWU chapter

Tucson NWU chapter

Twin Cities NWU chapter

Washington DC NWU chapter

Western New England NWU chapter