Publisher Two Dollar Radio Raising Funds for Film Division

By Jason Boog Comment


The indie publisher Two Dollar Radio has launched its own micro-budget film division called Two Dollar Radio Moving Pictures.

They hope to raise $50,000 with a flexible funding campaign on Indiegogo for the film division. Here’s more about the campaign:

Our hope is to produce films with budgets in the $7,000 – $10,000 ballpark … We have already optioned 3 feature film scripts, which are presently in pre-production. We are exceptionally giddy about each of these, and their potential. We will be updating this page with information on each of them starting Tuesday, September 24.

One of these three film projects is The Removals–we’ve embedded the trailer below. The film is scheduled for a 2015 release. Check it out:

The story is part-thriller, part-nightmarish examination of the widening gap between originality and technology, told with remarkable precision. Haunting and engaging, The Removals imagines where we go from here. The screenplay for The Removals was written by Nicholas Rombes, and will be directed by Grace Krilanovich.