Borders Employees Celebrated on Twitter

By Jason Boog Comment

When the news broke yesterday that Borders Group is preparing for liquidatation, hundreds of readers voiced support for the approximately 10,700 employees about to lose their jobs at 399 stores around the country.

Sourcebooks publisher Dominique Raccah created a #ThankUBorders hashtag so publishing professionals, writers and readers can thank these employees for their literary service. Below, we’ve collected a few tweets from the community.

Here’s more from Sourcebooks: “I really wanted today to say THANK YOU to Borders – to their community of booksellers and home office staff over the years – for being such an important part of our lives, and for their dedication to getting books into the hands of so many people for so many years. If you’d like to add your thanks, please feel free to comment below and talk about what Borders’ booksellers have meant to you. You can also feel free to post to Twitter, Facebook, Google+.”

Author Lisa Scottoline had this tribute: “So sad about Borders. Thank you so much to all the great booksellers for your support over the years.”

Novelist Jason Pinter wrote: “I had some wonderful signings and attended some great events at Borders. We’re indebted to many passionate booksellers.”

Moth host Dan Kennedy added: “We can talk indies vs. chains all day, but bottom line is people who love the written word are alright in my book.”

Katie Babs wrote: “You fed my romance book addiction in ways you can’t understand.”

Finally, Borders employee Evening Shadow had this comment: “Thanks to everyone who posted w the #ThankUBorders hashtag. I’ve been reading some to my coworkers & your appreciation means a lot to us.”