Twitter Fiction Prompts for the Twitter Fiction Festival

By Jason Boog Comment

Twitter opened its Twitter Fiction Festival today, showcasing writers from more than 20 countries that will “push the bounds of what’s possible with Twitter content.”

Even if your proposal wasn’t chosen for the festival, you can still share your Twitter fiction. If you need inspiration, explore our Twitter Fiction Prompts (reprinted below). Here’s more from Twitter:

“As the stories chosen by the panel are showcased during the Festival, we invite everyone else (whether you submitted or not) to tell your stories on Twitter during the Festival too! We’ll highlight a number of your stories from the @twitterbooks account … Make sure to use the #twitterfiction hashtag so that readers can find your work.”

25 Prompts to Inspire Twitter Fiction

1. Write about the saddest thing that ever happened to you without using any words that describe emotion.

2. Where did the 15 high school students go when the bus disappeared?

3. Translate your favorite Shakespeare quote into a tweet.

4. Describe an unphotograpable moment.

5. Write a love letter from the future.

6. How did your first dog die?

7. You are locked inside an room in an unknown location. Tweet your way out.

8. How did the bank robbery go wrong?

9. Describe an alien invasion through a series of tweets.

10. What is the color of moonlight?

11. You have just decided to leave your lover. Write your “Dear John” letter on Twitter.

12. What was in the box?

13. You are the only person who knows where they left the bomb. You are miles away, but you only have five minutes to tweet the location to the authorities.

14. Why did the woman wake up screaming in the apartment below?

15. Describe your favorite song without using the name of the band or the name of the song.

16. What was the best sporting event you ever saw?

17. Describe election day from the point of view of baby in a stroller.

18. What would a superhero tweet?

19. Write a blurb describing how your favorite novel makes you feel, without using the name of the actual novel.

20. How would your favorite historical character use Twitter?

21. Imagine a narrowly avoided car accident in a series of tweets.

22. Two people fell in love on Twitter–how did it happen?

23. Write about your favorite historical event as a series of tweets.

24. What would a ghost write about on Twitter?

25. Tell your great great great grandkids the most important story that happened in your life.