Twitter Book Club Seeks “A Zillion” Readers

By Jason Boog Comment

author_photo.jpgRecently Crowdsourcing author Jeff Howe decided to create the largest book club possible on Twitter–a place where “a zillion” Twitter users could read the same book at once. Today, he asked GalleyCat Reviews readers to pass along their suggestions for the best book to read.

Here’s more about the kind of book Howe seeks: “The final selection needs to be of general interest. It needs to be translated into many, many languages, and ideally it should be freely available.”

While writing about his new idea, Howe name-checked some excellent book club resources: “There are some wonderful book clubs on Twitter, including #thebookclub and the Twitter Book Club (#tbc). The aim with One Book, One Twitter is–like the one city, one book program which inspired it–is to get a zillion people all reading and talking about a single book.”

Add your suggestions in the comments. We’ve set up an interview with Howe next week–email us your questions about this new project. If you are looking for some books to nominate, we suggest you check out eBookNewser’s Free eBook of the Day feature.