Twin Lit

By Carmen Comment

The Times meets the Mulgrays
, 68 year old identical twins who have always done everything together – from wearing the same clothes, sharing the same bedroom and enjoying the same books and TV shows. Now, after 31 years, Helen and Morna have collaborated on NO SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES, a crime novel just published by British independent Allison & Busby.

Started more than 14 years ago, it is the result of thousands of hours of painstaking writing and rewriting. Each of its 86,000 words was a joint endeavour. :We have both spent 31 years as English teachers so have always loved writing,” Morna said. Helen added: “We used to do it in the holidays, but back then it was just a hobby. When we retired we had the time to do it seriously.” Certainly a noteworthy accomplishment, and one that seems to mark literary history in the UK. But one suspects the irony meter went off just a bit when reporter David Lister discovered neither twin married or had a serious boyfriend. “What we have is unique,” explained Morna. “Once you have found your perfect companion, it’s difficult to get anybody else to match up.” Then again, considering one finishes the other’s sentences and they work well together as writers, outside influences might be a hindrance, not a boon…